Meet Lee Grube

Lee with Achieve CleanLee Grube is one of the talented and hardworking employees of Achieve Clean Laundry Detergent. He loves to try new things and his work on the laundry detergent is a great outlet for his creativity. Since Lee began working on Achieve Clean last year he has helped with packaging, labeling, and some administrative work. Lee has also represented Achieve Clean at events in the community like our in-store sale at Coborn's in Ramsey. He says he is excited to learn how to use the pumps to fill bottles when he gets the opportunity.

Lee says, “Having a job like this makes me feel proud and responsible. Everybody with special needs should have a job.” When asked why people should buy Achieve Clean Laundry Detergent, Lee responded, “Everybody needs to try this. It’s great.”

Lee also noted that he’s accumulated plenty of stains in his life and he’s glad that Achieve Clean gets them all out. In his free time, Lee enjoys fishing and going on the boat with his family, golfing, and spending as much time as possible outside.”

Lee was also featured in the news story from local station KARE 11 that was produced in June. Check it out at the Achieve Clean website.

We appreciate all the great work that Lee does for Achieve Clean!

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